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A Cuckold’s Diary

A Cuckold’s Diary

On Monday, May 3, Sally and I met her “boyfriend,” Ted, for our second day together. Since then, I have been trying to write an account of what happened, but every time I do, it just comes out sounding like all the other descriptions of who put what where. Granted, those are fun to read; I’ve read a few (hundred) of them myself! Perhaps Sally or Ted could write what they felt, having sex and cuddling in bed all day long, but I thought that it might be worthwhile to hear from the other party – the one who sat in a chair at the foot of the bed, the one who waited on them, the one who cleaned up after them. In other words, the cuckold husband – me.

My ultimate fantasy has always been to see my wife in another man’s arms, in another man’s bed, and enjoying it. This thought has fueled my fantasies for nearly two decades, and this spring Sally said yes.

I won’t go into the details, but suffice to say that we met a gentleman – Ted – through the Hot Wives Forum. This was wonderful because he understood from the start where I was coming from, and he has been amazingly receptive to his “role” in our little game… which has turned into something much better than a game! He began an e-mail correspondence with Sally, and he was equally understanding with her. He recognized her nervousness, her fears and even her difficulty in overcoming her own image of herself as too good a girl to do something like this. When he asked for pictures of her, I got my first surprise: she agreed to send him one with both her face and her fully exposed breasts in plain view. You may be sure that I spent countless hours jerking off as I looked at my copy of that picture, and wondered what had gotten into her that brought her to expose herself to this stranger. Little did I know how much would get into her.

We met for lunch, they hit it off, and three weeks later they were in bed together. The first time was wonderful all around, but the second time – this Monday – was the complete fulfillment of that ultimate fantasy of mine.

Here, then, are the experiences of a cuckold. If you do not like them, I respect that. But I wonder what you’re doing reading this if you think that way?


First, a little background. Prior to our first meeting, I had learned from Ted that he is just under 7″ long, which is one inch longer than I. What he neglected to mention was that the head of his penis flares out like a mushroom, where mine is basically the same size as the shaft. Sally thought that I was childish to be interested in the size, and she wrote it off to a “guy thing.” That is, she wrote it off until the first moment he put it inside her on their first date. When he did, she told me later, she felt the head “pop” into her – a feeling which she described as “wonderful.” Then, when he pushed all the way inside her, she learned that size is, indeed, a “guy thing,” and that this guy’s thing was *much* bigger than her husband’s! In addition, I must admit that Ted is a masterful lover; I thought so, but Sally confirmed it – over and over – in the days following their first meeting. Only with my encouragement and reassurance was she willing to admit, several days later, that he made her feel better on their first encounter than I had ever made her feel in the 18 years we have been making love.

Sunday night, Sally got ready. She showered and made herself “look pretty” for her date. As she did, she had me feel her, to make sure she was smooth enough for Ted. Watching her shave her “bikini line,” the message was unmistakable: her lover was going to see her, touch her, kiss her and fuck her there, and she wanted her body to be ready for him.

We arrived at the hotel and checked in. Sally got ready, I got her a glass of wine, then I unpacked and prepared the room: candles, the bed turned down and fresh strawberries in the refrigerator. I also set a chair at the foot of the bed, with a jar of Vaseline. That would be my place for the day.

Ted arrived, and I watched my wife kiss another man. Not an “air kiss,” not a kiss on the cheek; she offered him her mouth, her tongue, and her body.

He undressed her, kissing each part of her body as he exposed it. I saw him grow in his trousers, until he bulged out obscenely in anticipation of her body. He looked at her skin: her shoulders, her breasts, her nipples, her belly, her mound. I felt a twinge of jealousy as he saw, then touched, my wife’s body.

She undressed him, pulling greedily at his underwear to expose his penis, and taking it into her mouth like a starving woman. He shuddered as she engulfed his penis with her mouth, and she – my wife – shuddered with delight at the pleasure she was giving him.

They guided each other into the bed which I had neatly opened for them, and wrap their arms and legs around each other.

Ted knelt between Sally’s legs, and gently massaged her breasts, her stomach, her legs. He took his time, savoring each moment, each touch. She gasped as he touched and licked her nipples, and when he removed his mouth, they pointed up at him with excitement.

Before we arrived at the hotel, I had asked her about the possibility of him entering her without a condom, and she had rejected that idea completely. Yet as I watched, I saw her hips moving toward him, reaching out toward his penis which stood out between her legs as he massaged her belly. I thought, “If she doesn’t stop that, she’ll end up with him inside her.” Just as I had that thought, I heard her moan and saw his hips move forward. Her legs shot up in the air, he laid down on her, and suddenly my wife’s vagina was filled with the hard flesh of another man, uncovered and unprotected. Watching from the foot of the bed, I saw his naked penis slide in and out of her, and her natural lubrication glistened on him and flowed down from her pussy in streams.

He fucked her gently, purposefully. She made noises which I had not heard in 18 years of making love to her, and saw in her face a look of surprise, excitement and wonder at the sensations which he was giving her. I heard my wife say, “My God, you are touching my womb.” She never said that to me, and I knew that she never would; I am not big enough.

He fucked her slowly, then quickly; to be honest, he was a masterful lover. She kept saying, “You’re so big, you feel so good,” as well as other things which I could not hear, because she whispered them in his ear.

At one point, I stood beside the bed and looked in her face. She was so beautiful, so alluring, so open – and it was for another man. She looked up at me – her arms and legs wrapped around his body, his penis deep inside her – and she said, “He really is better than you. God, he is *so* much better than you!” As she returned her attention to her lover, there was not a doubt in my mind that she meant it.

She came in his arms. I saw all the familiar signs of her approaching orgasm, but I could only see them; he felt them. He sucked on her nipple, and just as she came, he moved his mouth to hers and kissed her through her orgasm.

His body tightened, his pace increased, and her moans turned into encouragement: “Cum in me. I want to feel you cum inside me.” I sat in a chair at the foot of the bed, as another man inseminated my wife. He came loudly, and hard; I could see his body contracting over and over as he pumped his semen into her. My wife had said this would absolutely, positively not happen; evidently she changed her mind, or he changed it for her. It was nothing he forced on her; she practically begged for it. She wanted it so much; she wanted *him* so much; she wanted to pleasure him, so very much.

When they finished, and finally separated, Sally spread her legs and called me over. At their command, I approached her pussy; it was like all the “creampie” pictures I had ever seen, with milky liquid clinging to every fold, and flowing slowly out of her vagina. But this was no picture, and no anonymous woman: it was real, it was my wife’s vagina, and it was Ted’s semen. The smell was dank, bitter; I hesitated, and the two of them laughed, hugging and kissing each other while they made fun of my “problem.” “Go ahead, clean me up,” she insisted. So as my wife kissed her lover, I licked his sperm from her lips. I tried not to gag as the semen flowed into my mouth, and I realized that what I saw and tasted was just the overflow; he had cum deeply inside her (deeper than I ever had), and what I licked up was only what would not fit in her vagina, her womb. I licked her clean, and they sent me back to my chair.

They rested in each other’s arms. I watched them rest, and saw that my wife was not “tolerating” this for my sake, but was very happy, very comfortable in bed with this man. I pictured his sperm swimming inside her, going – as he had – where only I had been for many, many years. She looked very content with this.

Later, when they woke, they sent me to get ice cream. It took a while to find the place, and to fill their order. On my return, I entered the room to find her on top of him, her legs spread wide, his penis sliding in and out of her body. I felt humiliated as I pictured myself standing on line at Friendly’s while she fucked him; I had been sent away, like the little brother given money for the movies.

She made love to him with her body. She moved forward and backward, and I watched her pussy lips stretch to kiss him with each stroke. I saw her flex her stomach muscles, and I heard him cry out with pleasure each time she did.

When they were finally done, Ted got up to shower before he left. Sally ordered me onto the bed, and told me to fuck her. I did so with pleasure, only to suffer the ultimate humiliation: when I went inside her, I could barely feel her around me – and she could barely feel me inside her. With a look of surprise and amusement she asked, “Are you all the way in me?” When I gasped that I was, she laughed out loud, and I came.

On our way home, Sally said that she loves me very much, and is very glad she is married to me. She also said that this had been the best sex she ever had. I looked at her, and asked if she really meant that. Hugging my arm she said, “Yes, I really mean that. You have never, ever made me feel like that, and I can’t wait for the next time.”

We’ve just made a date for mid-June. Sally is excited, Ted is excited, and and so am I – one very happy, very humbled cuckold.

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